I came across an instagram post titled ” I broke my wife and I don’t know how to fix it!”
I was intrigued and procrastinating so I flicked onto the next slide.

To paraphrase, this man was having a conversation at a party and he mentioned to his single friend, that the single man’s priorities were wrong. “Looks aren’t everything” he said. “Look at me and my wife, she is a 6 and I’m so happy. Versus my ex who was a 9 but so self-absorbed.”

The party went silent.
His wife hasn’t been the same since.
He wanted to know how to fix her.

Some of the comments were more disturbing than the incident itself.
I was flabbergasted to see women commenting that the wife was overreacting. Comments like “What does she expect? To be rated a 10? She’s had 3 kids in 7 years. Being average is fine”
“Most women are 4-6’s, they should stop being shallow and expecting more.”

My mind was blown.

Now I agree with the notion that looks aren’t everything. Absolutely.
Values, personality, an open heart, kindness, confidence, generosity, humour etc all are so much more important.

However, I will never agree with women rating themselves at a low number on a scale.
I will never agree with women telling other women they are overreacting for not expecting more from their man.
I will never agree with women telling women most of us are average.
I will never agree with any logic that this kind of behaviour is ok.

As women, we are wired to yearn to feel desired.
We are created to be revered physically, spiritually and intellectually.

It is our birthright to be tapped into our sensuality. Our eroticism, our aliveness.
Our level of attractiveness is not dependent on size or beauty standards..

It is our birthright to feel like AND be treated like a 10.

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