He Rated His Wife 6 out of 10 – Do You Think She Overreacted?

I came across an instagram post titled ” I broke my wife and I don’t know how to fix it!” I was intrigued and procrastinating so I flicked onto the next slide. To paraphrase, this man was having a conversation at a party and he mentioned to his single friend, that the single man’s priorities […]

Are you the problem? I was

Youre the problem Janelle – she said. Those words you never want to hear but probably need to. A memory popped up on my phone today, it showed the moment when Johnny my 6 year old lab, finally accepted Daphne the chocolate lab puppy. It had been a month of turmoil. John wanted to kill […]

My Values in Business (and life)

Across the years I’ve run many businesses but my values have always remained the same. I seek to work with clients who hold the same values. So here they are on full display. 🔥 Authenticity 🔥 Showing up authentically is my jam. I’ve walked the path of hiding my failures, insecurities and worries and I […]

Step Down Mumma Warrior

Today my boy had a high school tour and meeting with the year level coordinator. As we toured the school, I felt my breath catching in my throat. I kept looking at him, seeing how he was reacting with the big school, the talk of the rules etc and he was fine. Totally chillen 😎. […]

I let go this morning.

This morning I let go of something that has been weighing on me heavily for years.  In March 2020, we got the news that all events were cancelled indefinitely due to the most offensive C word I’ve ever heard.   Cue instant panic for our household.  We were running an events company that we worked tirelessly […]

How to Manifest Magically – with a vision board

How to use a vision board to magically manifest! If you’re anything like me, you probably associate vision boards with sales-y type jobs; you might imagine them to be full of images of cars and money! I had not thought of a vision board since I worked in Real Estate 18 years ago! That is, […]

Can Psychic’s Predict Your Future?

So, can I predict your future? Interesting question.   I believe in free will, and I also believe in the universal pull. The universe will present you with opportunities for your life and you get to decide which opportunities you will seize and which you will ignore. For this reason, predicting your future with any […]