So, can I predict your future? Interesting question.
I believe in free will, and I also believe in the universal pull. The universe will present you with opportunities for your life and you get to decide which opportunities you will seize and which you will ignore. For this reason, predicting your future with any degree of certainty is not something I claim to be able to do. I do get lots of gut feels and know things before they occur, but psychics advertising fortune telling and future predictions should be approached with a sense of caution.
I work primarily with claircognizance and clairvoyance.
Claircognizance means I just “know” things, but I don’t know how I know them! It’s almost like recalling my own memories. Clairvoyance is when I see things in my mind, like a little daydream.
I’ll always be frank with you and tell you exactly what I see and what I’m not picking up, opposed to just telling you what I think you want to hear. The spirit world is incredibly talented, and they will always guide me to what you need to know the most.
For example, I’ve had many people ask me whether they will be able to conceive. I am often shown visions of that person holding a newborn baby, having just given birth in the hospital, and I can confidently say “yes I see a baby in your future”, and I describe the vision I am seeing to them in detail. This provides them with hope and positivity and helps them to trust in the process. I believe this is why the spirits choose to show me these future snapshots in this situation.
I have had others ask me “Will my ex come back to me?” or “Can you tell me about my future finances?”
I often can’t answer these questions. Your future finances depend on your choices when it comes to work, saving and spending, and they are choices you make with your own free will.
Whether or not your partner will come back to you generally has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you, if they are not open to being read, then psychically, we won’t be able to receive information about their situation. What I can do is give you the tools and guidance to know you will survive and thrive if they do not make their way back to you.
Another reason people come to me is for guidance on business, this is interesting for me, as I have only recently realized that I make all of my own business decisions intuitively rather than logically! Instead of predicting your business future, I work with you to help you to access your own intuition when making these decisions.
The best way to predict your future is to create it, knowing that you are being held, guided and supported by the universe, your angels and your guides, and I can certainly help you with that.
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Much love,
Janelle xx

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