How to use a vision board to magically manifest!

If you’re anything like me, you probably associate vision boards with sales-y type jobs; you might imagine them to be full of images of cars and money!
I had not thought of a vision board since I worked in Real Estate 18 years ago!
That is, until last week when spirit nudged me to clarify what I want to call into my life.

We often think we know what we want, but if we had the opportunity to place an order with the universe directly, we would sit there stumped! Deliberating what it is that we actually want!

So here is my advice on creating a magic manifestation board.
When choosing images, choose only those that make you feel something.
Add quotes that stoke a fire in your belly.
Add images from Pinterest, as well as those in your camera gallery.
Remember that the most powerful way to manifest is by holding deeply those moments that you are grateful for and asking for “more of that please”
You can also add an image of you as a child, this reminds you of the childlike version of you, and for me, it helps me snap out of my mind and into my power – for her.
I also added a stack of cash, this is an image that triggers me and reminds me I need to work on my money triggers!

Once I created my vision board , I added pyrite and citrine to the top of the board.

Pyrite attracts abundance and success, it dispels negative energy and activates your solar plexus, where you store your personal power.

Citrine activates the solar plexus and sacral chakras. Known for personal power and creativity. It attracts s abundance and often called the “success stone”

I choose to light a green candle. In witchcraft, Green is known to be the colour of abundance.

I wrote my intentions on a bay leaf, and used the flame of the candle to burn the leaf and send my intentions out into the universe.

I added the burning bay leaf to a heatproof bowl, with rose petals to call in my divine feminine energy, and calendula to add positive intentions.

I light my candle daily, and glance up at my vision board when I wake.
I’d love to see your vision board!

More info on this on my lastest podcast episode:

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