How Can I Get Confident Enough to Grow My Business?

So this is a question I am asked quite often!
“Janelle, how can I find the confidence to put myself out there?”

The simple answer is more doing – less thinking.

The only way to succeed in business is to take action.

In my role as mentor, I see so many people sitting still for way too long, planning their social media, mucking around with their logo, perfecting their hair etc. – before they’ll show up on their Instagram stories.

Let me tell you this with absolute conviction –
Imperfect action is a hell of a lot better than no action at all.
In fact, imperfect action is what creates traction, AND your audience will relate to you even more when you show up as you are!

The way we were trained to be “professional” and only show up polished is a myth, particularly when you are running a heart-led business.
Show up as you are.
Don’t focus on what that looks like. Don’t even think about how you may be judged; this will paralyse you.

Remember this – You are the medicine. You are the energy that is being purchased by your clients.
Your products and services are secondary aspects of your business.
They are not as important as you and your energy.

On my most recent podcast, I speak into aspects of this, how I have been able to run my own businesses (in many different fields) over the past three years, and how I have been able to transfer from different offerings with ease. This is because no matter what I am doing, I have learnt to show up as all of me. Which is received by soulmate clients who gravitate towards me and my offerings, no matter what those offerings are.
So go on, put yourself out there, so those offerings can soul mate clients will gravitate towards you.


Here is a free meditation to help you call in your soul clients:


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