spirit biz - group membership

A monthly membership for spiritual entrepreneurs who are committed to elevating their business in 2024.

This monthly membership is for the women:


Who are ready to have greater impact on their communities.


Who want to experience a more feminine lead way of doing business. We can hustle and grind, but as women – let me tell you a secret! We don’t have to, there is a more pleasurable way. 

Who want connection with other powerful women, women who encourage them, lift them up and speak their name in rooms full of influence and opportunity. 

Who want to be spirit led in the way they operate their business. One of the trickiest parts of my entrepreneurial journey was learning to get my brain out of the way and to lead with my heart to make big profits. 

Spirit Biz combines spiritual practises, tools and teachings, personal development & community connection to bring you a monthly offering to help you fly in 2024. 


Inside Spirit Biz every month you receive:

  • Monthly live group zoom Masterclass, with opportunity to motivate and inspire you, to keep you on track to you goals, and to reconnect you with your works purpose. 

  • Discounts on all of my events, trainings and products. 

  • Hot seat coaching

  • Instagram group connection, exclusively for Spirit Biz.

  • A Purpose Activation Meditation upon joining.


  • ALL of my audio trainings on BIZ! 


Audio Trainings so far include:

Clarifying your target market

Consistency, Mindset and Magnetism

Guide to Getting Paid

How to be 1% better than your opposition

Non icky sticky salesman techniques

Rich Bitch money energetics

Meditation to call in your soul clients

Your BIG vision’s brought to life!

Your magic and your messaging!

Where the maths meets the magic

Complete guide to making money with

email readings

Value of Audio trainings thus far $450


Investment: $33 per month


 Our first call is Tuesday January 2 @ 7pm