Salty Sundays

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When I say Sundays are my medicine, I truly mean it. I’m not sure where I would be without our Sunday morning ritual.

Every Sunday, Dylan and I meet the Promenade in Geelong at 8am, where we welcome, with open arms, anyone who wants to join us. 

This Sunday morning tradition was created by Dylan, and has grown into a much loved ritual and support space for so many. 

Salty Sundays began, when Dylan had been struggling with his mental health, and his friend recommended a swim in the freezing cold ocean asa reset. 

He found it helped him immensely, and asked a few friends. to join him for a swim, and from there Salty Sundays was born. 

Held every Sunday morning at 8am. At Eastern Beach Promenade, Geelong. 

No need to register. See you there!