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Connection Sessions

Do you need some help to remember you power or your worth?

Would you like a glimpse of the highest timeline available to you in this lifetime?

Want to know more about your past life experiences?

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In these sessions, I weave magic, bring through guidance from spirit that gently nudge you in the right direction, and will bring in future snippets where appropriate, but my biggest flex is I will always remind you of your absolute potent power.

These sessions are designed to inspire you, to shake away the debris and help you remember how incredible you are.

These sessions can be used for:

Spiritual guidance/Psychic information

Pinpointing and clarifying your magic

Next steps planning & energy shifts.

Mediumship connections

Spirit always steps through to show you your highest timeline and what you need to activate to get there!

These sessions are done via zoom

These sessions are 45 minutes and are $199.00

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Empowered parenting sessions

My son’s journey with ADHD and ODD was the beginning of my learning to turn inwards and upwards for advice instead of outwards to people who just didnt get it. 

I had to learn to trust my own guidance, to deeply to connect with my own inner knowing. I also learned to connect with my spirit guides for encouragement and clarity.

Eventually, this led to me becoming a full time medium and then mediumship teacher.

These sessions have been created to help you discover and remember, why your incredible child chose you, to ride through this life with. We step into recognition of your strengths, and theirs, come up with alternative ways of handling situations and discovering any cycles that may need addressing.

Leaving you uplifted, empowered and inspired.

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relationship rescue sessions

Do you keep fighting over the same things?    Going around and around in circles, having the same arguments? 

Perhaps you simply want to deepen your relationship with your partner or reignite your spark?


Often the hardest part of a relationship is communication, understanding what the other person wants, needs and desires from you as their partner.

Without this understanding, we go around and around in circles, having the same arguments over and over.


We only see through our own cloudy glasses what is actually going on within our own relationship.

Previous conditioning, external opinions, our own previous trauma and wounding, create so much confusion and everything can get super tangled.

Communication gets lost in translation and we start to wonder if there is any hope at all.  I’ve witnessed this, I’ve lived this myself.


I’ve created these sessions to help you detangle these issues and deepen you connection to one another.

These sessions combine my deep, intuitive knowing as a Psychic Medium with logical, practical steps to create real change and a deeper, stronger connection between the both of you.


These sessions can be held either online via Zoom or I can come to you.  Simply purchase a session and we will arrange a mutually suitable time for all of us.

These sessions are 60 minutes. Investment $199

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These sessions can be held in person or via zoom.


transformational coaching

My goal setting is based around how you want to feel. This is so much more important than what you want to achieve..

We then spend 6 weeks together, working through the barriers to feeling this way and working through energetic blockages, self limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours. Daily rituals are created, and potent wisdom is provided. All intentions are amplified by your spirit team, who we call on to help you shift and shake, baby.

These can be in person or online. or a mix of the two!

This is the uncovering of the real you, and the discovery of your joy, pleasure and power.

Email readings

My email readings are super popular. They cater to people who are short on time, homebound, live interstate/overseas, or maybe don’t feel ready to see me face to face just yet. 

I ask your spirit guides & loved ones to step in and come forth with any guidance you need to receive.  

I voice record all the messages and information I receive as they naturally flow through to me. I then send the recording to your inbox for you to listen over & enjoy as many times as you would like. 

Email readings can easily be shared & forwarded onto family members and others close to you to enjoy, they will also be able to verify and resonate with some the information received.

Email Reading Fee – $149AU    (Turnaround time is 14 days.)

SINGLE question reading

A quick question reading is more specific than an email reading. In an email reading, I consult your guides for information that they would like you to hear and this can often be something you were not expecting. I am not a fortune teller and I do not claim to predict your future, but I can provide guidance and help you realise your own inner truth. 

A quick question reading is not the same as an in-depth reading, it’s a short and sharp way to get guidance on a particular topic. 

This is valid for one question, delivered within 7 days via voice recording. Short, sharp and to the point. 

Quick Question Reading Fee – $55AU


Sorry, I’m currently booked out for these readings. Please join my waitlist to be notified when new appointments are released.

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