Psychic mediumship mentorship

Deepen your Powers

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5 week mediumship online journey

In this 5 week journey, we will be learning how to connect deeply with the spirit world in a safe, and sacred environment. You will have the opportunity to practise readings, and I will share with you all I have learned over my time as a psychic medium.

2 hour sessions over a 5 week block. 

7pm – 9.00pm starting on Wednesday August 10

Intimate class of only 12 students. 

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psychic medium - group mentorship

This group mentorship is available to any of my previous students who want to deepen their magical abilities and network with other women in the industry Staying deeply in touch with the magical realm, and the goddesses who work within in. 

This is monthly mentorship includes access to:

1 x  mediumship circle session in person at my studio per month and One online 

There will be two options each month, one via Zoom and one in person – you may attend both. 

1 weekly meditation designed to deepen your connection to spirit, delivered to your inbox.

Group chat to discuss readings, organise practise readings with each other and ask for advice. I will check-in and answer any questions as often as possible.

Instant access to my downloadable training modules for the duration of your membership. Including how to get clients, how to hold women’s circles, how to make money with email readings etc.

Investment:  $44 per month – option to renew every three months. 


i asked previous students:
What was your favourite part of working with me in this way

Their answers:
  • The leadership and sisterhood
  • During this course, I’ve had vivid dreams with deep meanings (as I am more connected with spirits around me), also delivering necessary information to the client/classmates, as well as doing the mini activity such as giving readings to my fellow classmates
  • Connection with other women who just understand you & get it! I felt full trust with this group, who were just so supportive of each other. Given the state of lockdowns and restrictions that were experienced, the ability to genuinely care for each other and offer words and gestures of support has been beautiful to witness. We all had difficult personal life periods during this time, but knowing we could reach out to each other has been so valuable.
  • Janelles style of teaching. She made it flow so easily and I love how hands on it was!
  • I feel so inspired. Each week I felt so lit up and I feel like I unlocked a greater sense of purpose (both professionally and personally). I tapped into something I had NO idea I could do! It was exhilarating.
  • Finding myself. Being around beautiful like minded women and learning to harness something I’ve always been so interested in.