Psychic Circle – In Person


Enter into my world of magic, where we learn to read souls on a deeper, more meaningful level. We peer into the world of mediumship and psychic predictions.

Tarot and oracle card reading, telepathic communication, meditation and clairsentience (clear feeling within our bodies)

Learning how to master the signs and subtleties of the spirit world, amplify our intuition and gain confidence in our abilities.

Set across 6 weeks, in a sacred and special indoor location in Central Geelong.

We begin on Wednesday August 16 at 7pm in person!

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Who is this suited to?

Anyone wanting to strengthen their connection to the spirit world, whether you are a complete beginner or a practising medium this circle will allow you to drop deeply into your gifts and abilities. (and yes every single human has the capacity to communicate with spirit and the psychic realm – they just need to remember how)


Do you have a payment plan option?

Yes you can lock in your place with a deposit of $100 by clicking the option deposit. Choosing to pay the balance off over the remainder of the course.

The complete price of the course is $499. All payment plans are final and non-refundable as they reserve your space in the course which is an intimate space.


I am scared of the spirit world! Can I still join?

Of course! One thing I know to be sure is that the spirit world is completely safe. Humans are scarier and more dangerous, but this is a fear that we walk through together.


About Janelle:

Janelle is a professional Psychic Medium Teacher and Spiritual Guide.

With over 700 readings under her belt, countless happy students, radio gigs and live mediumship shows, Janelle is the guide to the spirit world that you have been looking for.


A few words on Janelle’s teachings

“I have wanted to thank you and find the right words to let you know how amazing you are. You give us space, confidence, encouragement you ask us questions and help us when we struggle. You give examples of wording for readings you give examples of your own experiences getting into readings yourself which I find is great as it is relatable. The tips like the psychic tea cacao and oils to connect are so helpful. I think your a fabulous teacher and I’m so pleased I got in your class”


“You are amazing light in this community and I hope your light only continues to shine brighter for those to see you in the amazing form you are. A true beam of beauty.”


“Absolutely LOVED everything about your course Janelle. Not only did I learn to trust my own abilities but I also let go of fears I had surrounding the spirit world. You inspired me to value myself more and I have grown so much as a person in those 5 weeks with you. Your Classes were the highlight of my week!”


“You are one of most inspiring teachers I have ever had, I don’t think I have ever had someone quite believe me the way you do. You teach with such confidence and protection of your students we feel safe enough to generate our own psychic abilities.”