Back to Basics – Psychic Foundations Course




A beautiful friend of mine mentioned recently that i have been offering to the world what I am in need of.

Which rang completely true for me.

Whispering in my mind has been the words “back to basics”

As we move through incredibly tumultuous times worldwide, we as humans are so in need of dropping back to basics. 

To the truest foundation of who we are and what we need to live beautiful, fulfilled lives. 

Throughout my own journey here over the past few months,  my life has been calling me back to basics, back to my home.  Back to a simpler way of living. 

This course will take us back to our foundations.

As we will be coming back to basics, this course  suited to beginners as well as deeply spiritual and connected humans looking to dive back into their development.

We will be delving into psychic connections, learning how to look after our own energetic hygiene, working with the goddesses and archangels, learning how to deeply feel loved ones in spirit (ours and others) 

A safe space to come to every week.

A haven away from the stressors of everyday life.

Join me, as we rebuild our foundations


Beginning Wednesday May 22 for 5 weeks. 7pm on Zoom

Payment plans available.