Aphrodite Potion


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Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, sex and beauty, so the name was only fitting for this divine concoction.

I have crafted this oil, with the intention of allowing you to surrender into your divine feminine energy. The essence of this oil is about opening yourself to receive, whilst all of the ingredients are known to enhance your libido and draw in attraction from others.

Like all of my oils, this has been crafted from all natural ingredients, no chemicals or toxins.  I use this on my neck and heartspace, as part of my self love ritual. I also use this as a massage oil.

Some of the star ingredients in this oil:

Rosewood – This beautiful essential oil is known to improve mood and enhance female libido. It is often used in cases of stress and fatigue to relax and calm the mind and soul perfect for the craziness of December.

Ylang Ylang is said to harmonize the feminine and masculine energies. It works best with the heart and throat chakras. Calms the mind and enhances libido. 

Vanilla – a known aphrodisiac, which calms the mind, and promotes feelings of love, whilst smelling sweet and delicious.

Patchouli – associated with lust, natural pheromones, human attraction and desire. It’s been used as a natural aphrodiasic for hundred of years. It also helps promotes feelings of calm and can help you sleep.

This is a completely natural product with no chemicals or anything nasty