6 weeks of Powerful Coaching


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6 weeks is a potent amount of time to change your life!

How this will work:

An initial session to work out where you’re at with things right now, vs where you want to be.  In this session with the help of your spirit team, we set goals that feel right within your heart. I’ve worked with many coaches who have rushed to set goals with (for) me that haven’t been the right goals for my soul. In this initial session we will deeply tap into your heart space to ensure these goals are aligned and feel good in your soul.

This can be in person or online.

My goal setting is based around how you want to feel. This is so much more important than what you want to achieve..

We then spend 6 weeks together, working through the barriers to feeling this way and working through energetic blockages, self limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours. Daily rituals are created, and potent wisdom is provided. All intentions are amplified by your spirit team, who we call on to help you shift and shake, baby.

These can be in person or online. or a mix of the two!

This is the uncovering of the real you, and the discovery of your joy, pleasure and power.



Terms and conditions:

Due to the potency of this container, the 6 sessions must be held within the 6 week period.

There will not be any extensions to this period. I find these sessions work best if we slot in the same time each week for the 6 week period.

I can be flexible with accomodating your schedule, so lets lock in a recurring time each week.


Payment details.

Payment can be made in full, or we can organise a payment arrangement. Just shoot me a message to arrange.