6 weeks of Empowered Parenting Coaching


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Through my own personal journey I have realised that I am the energy holder of my home, My energy directly impacts my husband and my children. So therefore my energy is my greatest asset and liability.

My children’s behaviour became much more manageable when I was aware and conscious of my own triggers, and why certain behaviours created powerful responses within my own body.

Coaching was my journey back to self, and my journey into leading my family back to peace.

I am so excited to support you, as the leader of your family unit to understand your children on a greater level, to understand their divine purpose here, what they have been gifted to you to teach and the path of least resistance to embrace it.


The journey to inner knowing and standing by what you know to be best for your child is invaluable. I cant wait to dive into this with you.


This can be in person or online.


We’ll spend 6 sessions together, working through current challenges with patience and understanding, bringing awareness to what is going on for both of your beneath the surface.

Daily supports rituals are created, and potent wisdom is provided from your spirit team.

Some of the information brought through is around where your child is sitting energetically, at what age and why. For example, children can present as emotionally 7 years old, even though they are 13. Spirit will show me a significant event that they are holding as a block, such as a parental separation or death of a loved one, and we can work together to create pathways to support your child through the stuck feelings and emotions.


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