wise women - group membership

A monthly membership for women who want to tend to the fire of their inner wisdom. 

This monthly membership is for the women who want


a stronger intuitive knowing. No more second-guessing, fear-based living, or doubting yourself. You want the opportunity to drop deeper into your inner knowing and your psychic powers.


more confidence & self-love. To love yourself deeply, first you must know yourself. Our monthly calls will provide deeper learnings into who you are and your unique magic that you bring to the world. 


the support of a community of wise women around them. There is no bigger catalyst for growth than being surrounded by like minded, wise women. 


 to grow – this the perfect space to expand, to learn and be inspired, whilst also being deeply supported. 


Wise Women combines spiritual practises, energy cleansing tools and teachings, psychic development, human design, personal development & spiritual practice to bring you a monthly offering to walk you home to who you are truly meant to be in this world. 


Inside Wise Wisdom every month you receive:

  • Monthly live group zoom Masterclass, with opportunity to practise connecting deeply with your fellow wise women. 

  • Discounts on all of my events, trainings and products. 

  • Hot seat coaching

  • Facebook group connection, exclusively for Wise Women.

  • An Inner Know Activation Meditation upon joining. 

Investment: $33 per month


 Our next call is Tuesday January 11 @ 7pm