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Your Psychic Life Mentor

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I am so happy that you’re here!

I know that you have been drawn here for a reason and I am so excited to begin working with you to help you create your best life ever!

hello there

I’m Janelle and Im a Psychic Coach!

Which means I use my psychic abilities to help you change your life, forever. 

Being a psychic coach means that I can see the highest version of you so clearly, and let me tell you, she is WAITING for you to claim her. 

It means that I can see your limiting beliefs and the events that created them – which means we can bust through quickly and remove them for good.

I can easily teach you how to connect more deeply with your intuition, so you stop doubting yourself and overthinking. You know that your intuition is on point and you stop doubting her. 

I connect you closely your spirit guides, so you can walk through life’s challenges feeling more supported, loved and trusting of the pathing front of you. 

All of this leads to a life filled with more ease, more joy and more pleasure.