Questions & Answers

There is no specific timeframe, that it takes a spirit to cross over, I have connected with spirit on the very same day that they have passed.

However a reading will always work much better when you have moved through some of the initial phases of grief. 


Not currently, all appointments are held via Zoom. Zoom is super convenient and offers the same level of connection. 

Absolutely, I would encourage you to record our sessions together, they can be good to reflect upon, and somethings will not make sense in the sense, but will reveal themselves in the weeks that come afterward. 

The intuitive knowing that comes from working with a psychic coach is next level. 

Its a fast track to the core issue, rather than having to talk for hours to work out what the issue might be. I have capacity to see it right away. 

Most of our future is dependent on our daily actions and attitude,  which is why the law of attraction and manifestation works!

When predicting your future, I tune into your current situation and can see your future trajectory in that very moment, but as humans we have so much control over the future we create, so many things are change-able depending on our own actions. 

For example, I could tune in and see you receiving a promotion at work in three months time, you could decide you don’t want to go to work anymore, or do something dishonest within the workplace, which in turn, changes the outcome. 


I can accurately pick up information around the current state of your relationship, and the potential for your future together, however, relationships are very much dependent on the work that each of you put in, each and every day. 

Absolutely, one of my predominant senses is my claircognizance, which means “clear knowing”.

So messages and information is provided to me via my sacral chakra, and presents as things I simply know. Rather than receiving a translation into English.

Yes! I am very connected to all animals, both living and passed. They come through clearly and will show me their personalities, their memories, where they slept etc. 

I recently had a rat come through and show me where he chewed up the couch cushions!

Yes, very rarely. Readings are dependent on both your energy and my energy.
We both need to be in a space of high vibrations, ready and willing for the reading to work. If the reading is not working out, you will be refunded, as per my terms and conditions.

Not at all. Many of my clients are international. 

On the booking page, you will see that it automatically defaults to your time zone, so you can choose when suits you without the hassle of converting times.

Yes, spirit are always around us, and I communicate with them everyday. 

If you are wanting to connect with a loved one who has passed over, simply select mediumship reading, and when our readings starts I will ask you who it is you’d like to connect with, and we will focus our attention on bringing them through to you.

An email reading is delivered in voice recording format, I set my intentions to bring through messages that meet your greatest need. I begin channeling and record as it comes through and send it directly to your inbox. 

My zoom readings go for 45 minutes. 

Absolutely! Being present and engaged in the session is a minimum requirement. It’s an energetic dance between the two of us, so I need you to be open and focusing your energy on the reading. 

Listening to high vibe music prior to your reading is also a great way to lift your vibration. 

Because I set my intention to bring through messages that meet your greatest need, I will not receive information about your future that is anxiety inducing for you. 

What I will do, is bring through warning messages from spirit, about things you have the power to change.

Mondays and Fridays. 

Zoom is pretty simple, but I recommend having a trial run, logging on and seeing how it all works before our session.

Yes. I understand with young children, this is not always possible. But the more you can focus on our session, the better it will be.

Yes. If you are wanting to connect with a particular person, set your intentions before our session, for them to come through. 

Bring an item of theirs if you can, and be prepared with a photo, which I might ask for at some point in the reading.

Good question, and a valid question at that. 

I am an evidential medium, which means I focus on bringing through real evidence, so you know the information you are receiving is legit. 


Also take a look through my reviews from many happy clients.