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I love bringing people together and hosting events that help us connect, heal and move together in a beautifully empowering way! 

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Sacred Sundays has been created as a safe space to show up and meet new friends, connect with other beautiful humans, be guided through a heartfelt meditation and jump in the ocean to cleanse your energy and invoke a sense of vitality and fun!

The perfect start/end to your week!

This is held every single Sunday at 8am under the tower at Eastern Beach.

No need to register, just rock up. All welcome and totally free!

self love activation & connection circle

Relationship connection circle

Janelle and Dan are hosting their very first relationship circle together and they are so excited to invite you into their intimate circle space.

The intention for this circle is to deepen your connection. To take time out of your schedules, away from your worries, and stresses to prioritise one another. 

We all know that strong relationships take work to ensure they last and thrive, what we forget is that the work can be fun and exciting too. 

We will share our secrets, teach techniques and strategies to ensure your connection and desire grows over the years rather than diminishes. 



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