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I love bringing people together and hosting events that help us connect, heal and move together in a beautifully empowering way! 

See my upcoming events below.

Goddess Gatherings

My soul sister Aleesha and I run monthly Goddess Gatherings, on sacred land, in many powerful places. 

These gatherings help to create a sisterhood, a safe place for women to gather, to heal and to unite in their feminine power. 

We hold rituals, activation ceremonies, and women leave feeling so empowered and connected to other women. It’s such an incredible experience, that I am honoured to facilitate. 

men's circles

Set out in nature, around a fire, we open up conversation, share our stories, and invite you to share your own (if you feel comfortable in doing so.) So much is gained from simply listening and witnessing others share.

We will guide you through a beautiful meditation and breathwork journey – reiki healing will be given during this experience.

This will also include gentle sound healing focusing on balancing and revitalizing your masculine energy.

couple's circles

This event will take your relationship to the next level with activities and exercises to learn and grow together in intimacy on all levels in all areas.

This workshop is designed for couples who have a great connection and want to go deeper, as well as those couples who are struggling and need a bit of a boost.

You will do partnered exercises together, with group discussions to learn from other couples.

We will delve into tantric breathwork, eye gazing, open communication, sound healing, learning the basics of tantra massage and using essentials oils to assist with libido and connection.


Salty Sundays

My friend Dylan and I, co-facilitate “Salty Sundays” together every Sunday morning. We meet by the ocean as group, have a chat about mental health and plunge into the freezing cold ocean. 

This Sunday morning tradition was created to support each other and our community, through connection and cold water immersion.

Held every Sunday morning 8am at Eastern Beach Promenade in Geelong. No need to register,  just come along. 

See you there!

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