This program is the loving, potent, powerful kick up the bum you’ve been looking for to make the changes that have been niggling at you. 

I’ve crafted the most delicious, iconic, transformative group container and I want you in there with me. 


In my group program Emerge:

We will be quantum fcking leaping. 
We will be alchemizing our pain into power. 

We will be growing, activating and transforming. 

Using the power of spirit, intention, magic, ritual and transformative coaching, your life will level the fck up – fast. 

Please NOTE: This program is NOT for the wishy washy. 

This is for the women who declare they are ready to meet the best version of themselves. 

Is this you?



Remember being READY is BULLSHIT. Instead be willing to lean in. 

You’re either willing to give this a red hot go or  you’re not.

What is Emerge?



This program is the confidence boost you’ve been seeking, the permission slip you’ve been looking for to step into your truest most authentic self.

The loving but potent nudge for you to start living the epic life that was intended for you.

The method:

Obliterating limiting beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious mind to understand your uniqueness is your magic and you will be seen and revered for who you are.

Induction rituals to call in spirit to activate and hold the highest version of you.

Upgrades and activations to call you forward into this next big quantum leap in your journey

This is a group coaching program which includes daily support and activations as well as weekly live zoom calls for 5 weeks.

Beginning Wednesday March 6 @7pm.

This is a guaranteed way to fast track your level up!





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