What I love to do!

I have a dedicated room in my garden, lovingly names the zen den. Which is full to the brim of crystals, oracle cards and all things woo woo. It also houses my sound healing instruments and is the perfect space for me to meditate, escape and conduct my readings from. It really feels like a magical little place and I love it!

I’m addicted to the feeling of getting uncomfortable, Why? Because when we get uncomfortable we are pushing through barriers and allowing ourselves to grow. Things like ice baths, cold water immersion, 65km walks just anything that challenges me to believe in myself. Being unafraid of uncomfortability makes you unstoppable! 

I didn’t discover my abilities until I was 32 years old. I don’t come from a spiritual background, and didn’t become aware of my super powers until later in life. Of course, looking back now, I can see the signs, but I was oblivious to my capabilities for a long time!

I jump in an ice bath every Saturday morning!! and  I really look forward to it each week. I cherish my weekends as a time to replenish my energy, and reconnect with myself and my community. The ice baths zap any anxiety from my body, reduces inflammation and generally just makes me feel bloody amazing!

I am intensely passionate about helping women reclaim their power and helping them reconnect to their bodies with love and respect, instead of judgement. 

Part of my healing journey has involved wild woman circles, nude beach swims and fires that release any shame held within my human vessel. 

I live in a 100 year old cottage and I adore her. She is full of magic and charm and we are situated on a ley line, which heightens the energetic feel around our home. I have a wild cottage garden, and spend many hours digging in the dirt, and planting seeds, seeing what magic can sprout from the garden. 

I am a mother of two, a wife of one and a soul sister to many. My babies are now 8 and 10, and have completely opposite personalities! Both are incredibly head strong, heart centred souls. Annabelle excels at school and absolutely loves it, Seb is currently home schooled and much prefers learning within the school of life. 

As well as being a mum to humans babies, I am also a mum to fur babies. I have a 4 year old black lab, who is pure perfection and my best friend in the entire world. He sleeps across my legs every single night and he is so incredibly spoilt. I also have two cats, Chyka and Leo, who think they run the house! I love animals and nature with my entire being.

My family and I foster kittens, which is sometimes stressful but so rewarding! The little guy in the middle of these three is our foster fail. Nick named Leo Lion Burger, he has been officially adopted by us and basically runs the house now!

I am a manifesting generator by human design. Which means I act on inspiration and bring things into my reality quickly. But I also evolve and move onto my next projection or source of inspiration quite fast. If you haven’t looked into your human design, I’d suggest doing so, its an incredible way to learn about yourself on a deeper level.

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