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I believe that you have been drawn here for a reason.

Are you searching for answers? Do you need some guidance and direction?

I’ll show you that you are not alone. You’re are so loved & supported by the spirit world.

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My name is Janelle Bridge and I’m a Spirit Medium, Online Psychic, Spiritual Development Teacher and Soul Healer from Melbourne, Australia.

I help people from all over the world connect with passed loved ones, find their inner power, recognise their life purpose, develop their spiritual abilities and so much more, all with a strong emphasis on kindness & compassion.

Whether you see psychics often or are unsure about what guidance you need from the spirit world, we can work through it together.

My life journey is to uplift others and have them leave a session with me feeling empowered with a stronger understanding of their lives.

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Psychic Readings


Do you need some help with direction, clarity & guidance in your life?
Or are you missing a loved one in heaven and crave a connection?

I deliver messages from the spirit world, predict elements of your future & can also connect in with you on a soul level to empower you to move forward in your life with confidence and direction.

I offer Soul & Mediumship Online Psychic Readings via Zoom to people from all over the world & would be honoured to guide you with any of your spiritual needs.

Psychic Development Teacher


One of my biggest passions in life is teaching others how to discover their own psychic super powers. 

Everyone has the ability, you just need to learn how to harness it.

I teach you how to communicate with spirit and trust your own intuition.

I currently offer 6 week development courses via zoom for beginners & intermediate levels.

Absolutley zero experience is required, just bring an open mind & a great attitude.

Spiritual Events Melbourne & Geelong


Are you craving a sense of community?

A chance to connect with like minded, non-judgemental people?

I currently run a number of events within the Melbourne & Geelong locations and would love to see you there!

You may have heard about my Goddess Gatherings that are held out in nature, empowering women to come together in sacred sisterhood.

Learn more about all of my live psychic reading, spiritual & healing events here!



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