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Psychic Medium and Personal Coach

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I am so happy that you’re here!

I know that you have been drawn here for a reason and I am so excited to begin working with you to help you create your best life ever!

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Hi I’m Janelle Bridge and I’m so excited that you’re here!

I’m a magical coach and connection mentor.

My greatest desire is for every single human to know that the matter deeply in this world. 

Your presence is important and you are here for a reason. 

As a coach I help you to uncover those reasons, your own pure magic, to make sense of your journey and help you alchemise that into power. 

As a connection mentor I work with my clients to connect to themselves, their community, their relationships, source and the earth. 

I work one on one with clients to provide high level support, self understanding and nourishment, as well as relationship support services and community engagement. 

I regularly hold retreats, group events and community gathering to foster a sense of belonging and connection. 

I am also a highly respected psychic medium, teacher, inspirational speaker and Marriage Celebrant. 

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Do you need some help with direction, clarity & guidance in your life?

I want to witness your transformation and elevation. 

I want to see you in full and help you see yourself as the whole, complete, magical human that you are. 

I want you to feel good and know your worth and know that you choose your own destiny. I want to help you create it. 

Because I want to walk beside you on this journey. See how you can work with me one on one, by clicking the link below. 


I have been a registered and professional Marriage Celebrant for the past 13 years and officiated over 500 weddings. 

I did this full time for 10 years, over the past few years I limited my services to family and friends only, as I have travelled down other avenues of life, motherhood and business. 

I deeply believe in and love LOVE, and ceremony holds a deep space in my heart. 

I desire to work with couples who want their ceremony to deeply reflect who they are as a couple and individuals and the unique bond they have with each other.  

I am so honoured to hold space for community and connection. 

I run free community events weekly, as well as gorgeous and intimate womens circle’s and retreats. 

I love seeing humans connect on a deep level. My deepest desire is to witness and create more belonging and community for all. 

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