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Psychic & Spiritual Development

I absolutely love sharing my gift with others, and the most rewarding way I have found to do this, is teaching!

We are all born psychic and highly connected spiritually, think of babies, laughing at someone we can’t see, children with imaginary friends. However, as we get older and our logic starts to take over, we become more immersed in “reality” and we lose touch with our intuition, we become busy and distracted, and our ability to connect with the spirit world can diminish. 

My role is to help you remember these gifts you have been born with! To harness and evoke their powers within you. 

No experience necessary

5 week mediumship journey

This is by far  my favourite way to teach mediumship. The depth of connection that comes from learning in an in person circle is incredible. 

In this 5 week journey, we will be learning how to connect deeply with the spirit world in a safe, and sacred environment. Utilising different journeying tools such as cacao, my own blend of psychic tea, essential oils, spirit callings, sound bowls – the works!

2 hour sessions over a 5 week block. 

Beginning Wednesday June 8 at 7pm – 9pm

Intimate class of only 12 students. 

Let's get your business going!

Let’s get your business up and running!

This is for the people who have dreams of being self-sufficient, earning their own $$ through their soul business, but just arent sure how to start. Or maybe you’ve started and can’t quite build momentum?

We will use a mix of practical and woo-woo activities to get you up and running. 

Business is one of my biggest passions. Over the past 12 years, I have run many different types, and I’ve learnt so many lessons along the way, and I want to share them with you. 

We will work through 5 x 2 hour zoom sessions online, in an intimate space.

I will guide you through how I have optimised my Instagram profile to create a regular flow of bookings.

We will work together to create an online booking system for your business, where you receive online payments, imagine waking up from 8 hours sleep and having money come into your bank account overnight! That’s my reality. 

We begin Sunday June 5 via Zoom.

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Business Mentorship Sessions

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Are you struggling to get your spiritual business off the ground? Book in for a business mentorship session with me. This is a one off session and you will not be upsold a coaching package or anything else! I simply love seeing others thrive in their own businesses, and I have real life experience, running businesses of my own for over 12 years,  I mix spiritual advice with extremely practical points for you to take away and implement instantly. 

$150 for one hour session